Internship Program And cooperative education with CPF

The fundamental principle of CPF is to support internships and co-operative education
This is to develop, train and prepare the students onto various professional areas

This is for university students in 3rd year and 4th year to step into real learning experience and corporate culture
and to prepare before the actual work. CPF offers 2 project types: Internship Program and Co-Operative Education

  • ด้านที่เปิดรับในโครงการฝึกงานและสหกิจศึกษา

    • Engineer
    • IT
    • Account
    • Finance
    • Animal husbandry / Fishery
    • QC / QA / Production
    • HR
    • LAB Micro
    • Sales

You think you know what #intern means? Let us surprise you in this clip of #theNonInternJournal.

At CPF, we open opportunities for internship students to have action learning from real hands-on experiences. We give importance to equip these to-be graduates with the readiness for entering the professional world. We embrace creativities and value their inputs.

If you are looking for an internship with this non-intern experience… CPF is a place for you.

Clip from Internship Project 2021 credited to
Nattarinee Srithong (Team Lead), JeRn Supaporn, Panusorn Pansod

  • On behalf of CPF, we would like to say THANK YOU to all young interns who took part in our journey to be the "kitchen of the world".

    In this past year, so many young spirits from various universities across Thailand has joined our CPF Internship and Cooperative Program 2020-2021. We sincerely hope that the experiences and memories that you have gained from being a part of CPF family will be valuable in enabling you to grow into quality Thai graduates that you ought to be.

    We wishing the best of all lucks and looking forward to the day that our path will join again, perhaps as a member of “CPF family”.

Step into Lerning to Sense the real experience

Combine lerning with CPF corporate culture

Prepare before entering the actual work

The interested students can apply for their Internship